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Discover Jesus

We are focused on helping our leaders to discover Jesus and follow Jesus as a missionary disciple. As part of this process, all leaders in the Diocese of Green Bay will participate in a Discipleship Formation Seminar focused on missionary discipleship. After this seminar, leaders take part in a small faith-sharing experience called Alpha.

Discipleship Formation SeminarDiscipleship Formation Seminar

The Discipleship Formation Seminar is an annual event designed to help leaders understand the opportunities and challenges in forming disciples of Jesus and the connection between evangelization, catechesis, education, parish life and mission within the discipleship process.

The Discipleship Formation Seminar focuses on discovering and following Jesus. This is further deepened through the Alpha small faith-sharing experience.


Discover Jesus Handouts

In 2017, we started our journey focusing on "Discover Jesus." A resource library for this element is accessible here. 

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alpha logoMinistry Resource: Alpha

Alpha is series of interactive sessions designed to dynamically present the Gospel and the essentials of Christian faith in a way that reaches the hearts of men and women. Alpha builds on the Discipleship Formation Seminar by helping people grow in their own journey as disciples.

Alpha FAQs:
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Additional Resource: 
Catholic Evangelization Studies Course

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