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Education in our Catholic faith and tradition is a critical component of the Diocese of Green Bay's greater mission. Lifelong education, employing the three distinct and fundamental forms, is an integral part of our past success and future vision as a community of believers.

Through our Catholic schools, we continue to support all members of our Catholic community in becoming well-versed in the tenets of our faith and committed to living as Jesus asked us to live.


Mission/Core Values


Catholic schools,
in partnership with the faith community,
share knowledge,
give witness to the Gospel message,
serve others,
pray and worship.



Open the Door…
We welcome, recognize and affirm each person as a member of God’s family.

Accept Christ…
We know Jesus, embrace Scripture, celebrate the Eucharist and understand that God is always present.

Know the Truth…
We facilitate dynamic learning environments where individuals are challenged to reach their potential.

Live the Message…
We gratefully share God’s gifts for the good of all creation.

Spread the Good News…
We express our faith and wisdom by living what we believe.


Strategic Plan

Our vision is that the Diocese of Green Bay will be the premier Catholic educational program in the country. Through strategic planning we will focus on strengthening our Catholic schools in order to form students who practice their faith and become virtuous leaders in society.

Our graduates will be known for their excellent academic preparation for life in the 21st century through the standards, benchmarks and assessments set forth in the curriculum, technological competencies, and excellent interpersonal skills. Our schools will embrace the Gospel message of service to others both locally and globally. Our students will be missionaries who can spread the Gospel and defend their faith.

Administrators and teachers will boldly proclaim and witness the Gospel by their everyday example. Every school will be accredited, adequately and justly financed, and staffed by administrators and teachers who possess the highest professional standards and credentials. Continuous staff development opportunities for administrators and teachers will be offered on diocesan, regional and local levels.

Our Catholic schools welcome all students and are committed to a partnership with parents. We provide a welcoming family-like environment in which our staff and administrators work collaboratively with themselves and their counterparts in religious education, adult faith formation, and all other parish ministries.

Catholic Schools Strategic Plan

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