Connor Schlaack

Connor SchlaackParish: Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, Oshkosh

Birthday: February 27

Seminary: St. Francis de Sales Seminary

Seminary Address:
3257 South Lake Drive
St. Francis WI 53235-3702

Theology III


Patron: St. John Paul II


What do you want on your pizza?

Mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, ground beef, sausage, bacon, and onions.

Tell us about a great experience that you had during the summer of 2017.

I was a hospital chaplain this summer. One night, a couple arrived with their child, who had stopped breathing. At the couple's request, I baptized the child. Those words and the water were the most ordinary things in the world. After being with the family for a long time, I finished my other work in the hospital, returned to my room and prayed. Only in prayer did I see how God worked: A little girl got to go to heaven because of what Jesus told us to do in Baptism and my offer of that sacrament to this family.

How would you describe the priesthood to a non-believer?

It might be better to first say what the priesthood is not: The priest is not a corporate manager, though he is called to lead. The priest is not a bachelor, though he will never marry. The priest is not a therapist, though he is called to heal. The priest is not a magician, though he imparts spiritual power. The priest is not perfect, but is an image of God. The priest is the man given the mission of bringing others to God by being a father to God's people. The priest is called to bring God to others in his person, message, actions, and leadership. The priest in the fullness of his person is the image of Jesus Christ, the image of the Father. His life points toward happiness in God. His life's purpose makes sense only if God really exists, comes to us, and desires our love.

Divine Providence is God's active protection and guidance in our lives. How have you seen Providence in your life?

An important time I saw God's Providence was while visiting a community of religious sisters and brothers. During the visit we met some missionaries who had come from far away to share their own experience of the love of God and God's love for every person. Both these missionaries and the religious we were visiting were living by Providence: They only had what they could beg from others. We ate with them and we all shared about God's work in our lives. We all had everything we needed for our physical and spiritual lives, and it was very good. God blessed us beyond what we had anticipated: We saw old friends and made new ones. Our love for the Lord, His Church, and her mission were increased, and we were able to give as well as receive. After this meal, we drove back to the city where we were staying, and a friend shared that he noticed in the course of the meal that we, the visitors, were the only ones with money in our pockets, yet we had all that we needed. The beauty of God's Providence in a simple, but profound afternoon struck me with his words. We simply went out of love, and God provided for all we needed, and most importantly showed his love to us.

Share an interesting fact about your middle school years.

In middle school I was involved in Boy Scouts and developed a love for nature, knot-tying, fire-building, and hiking. I also learned the benefits of bug spray.

What parish and diocesan movements have inspired you as a disciple?

Steubenville conferences, the March for Life, adoration, and altar serving have all inspired me to follow Jesus more closely and give my life to His love. Seeing the Christian life lived vibrantly has taught me how to follow Jesus as His disciple, and how His intense love for us leads to an intensity of mission in bringing Him to the world​.

Who are your teams?

Packers, Brewers, Celtics, and Bruins​.

What is your favorite day on the Liturgical Calendar?

The Easter Vigil.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?

St. John Paul II.