Fr. Jon Thorsen

Fr Jon ThorsenParish: Ss. Peter & Paul Parish, Green Bay

Birthday: November 24


St. Bernadette Parish
2331 E Lourdes Dr
Appleton WI 54915-3698



Patron: St. Teresa of Calcutta

Bishop David Ricken ordained Jon Thorsen to the priesthood at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 1, 2017, in St. Mary Church, 4805 Sportsman Dr, De Pere WI 54115. Ordination Photos from The Compass: CLICK HERE

Proclaim the Good News:
God has visited His people! He has come to give you new life!

Tell us about a great experience that you had during the summer of 2016.
This summer, I was working in the Antigo area parishes. The parishes hosted a Young Neighbors In Action Program. Being able to help with this event was a very good experience! We had youth/school groups from Green Bay, Chicago, and Iowa, including our own Antigo group. The high school students experienced prayer and learned Catholic Social Teaching. Each group went to its own worksite to do service work for someone in need. It was interesting to interact with people from all the various areas. One group, to keep things interesting, started the service work with a line dance!

When did your commitment to the Catholic Faith grow deeper?
A time in my life that stands out is when I was in college. Growing up in an environment that was very protective of my faith, I was not challenged too seriously in what I believe. College life started for me at a small Catholic college where I could study the faith in greater depth. I was also challenged to live the faith more radically. The pinnacle moment was when I transferred to UW-Oshkosh, a secular university where my beliefs were frequently challenged, ridiculed, and considered a menace to society. I was forced to make that choice anew whether or not I was truly committed to my Catholic Faith.

Challenging conversations from nonbelievers and non-Catholic Christians forced me to ponder my faith in ways I had not done much before. It forced me to consider what relevance Catholic Christianity has in the world today and how to explain that to someone who does not understand Christianity, or at least not some aspects of Catholicism. In the moments I experienced loneliness, I began to learn how to lean on the Lord in prayer as I made more frequent visits to the perpetual adoration chapel at Most Blessed Sacrament/St. Mary’s in Oshkosh. Through prayer I discovered a deeper relational component to the Faith that is more than just a worldview and set of beliefs.

Offer us a few words about one Gift of the Holy Spirit and how it has helped you.
Pope Francis describes the Holy Spirit’s Gift of Counsel as that grace by which the Lord speaks to our hearts, revealing the "right way to speak and to behave and the way to follow" (Pope Francis' Catechesis on Gifts of the Holy Spirit). I believe the Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart and guided me countless times in both big and small ways, telling me how I can love more authentically and intensely in the concrete day-to-day situations. The Spirit speaks at times to my heart in prayer, but often also through other people, especially spiritual directors, those in charge of my formation, and friends.

Share an interesting fact about your high school years.
When I was in the Boy Scouts, I helped to construct a 1.5 mile stretch of a mountain bike trail in Langlade County. This was my Eagle Scout project.

Other than prayer, what is your fuel?
A nice cup of hot java gets me going in the morning and often helps me through those sleepy after-lunch periods. Did you know scientists named this type of sleepiness "postprandial somnolence"?

As a priest, God willing, where would you most like to celebrate the Holy Mass?
I would love to celebrate Mass in Nazareth at the Basilica of the Annunciation because that is where the Word first became Flesh and dwelt among us.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?
I would ask you to pray through the intercession of newly canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta. I find her faith so inspiring. She so received the love of God into her heart that she became a powerful vessel of His love to others, especially the poor and forgotten.