Rev. Mr. Gregory Parent

Deacon Greg Parent


Parish: Ss. Peter & Paul Parish, Green Bay

Birthday: August 9

Seminary: Pontifical North American College

Seminary Address:
00120 Vatican City, V
Vatican City State, Europe

Theology IV


Patron: St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Address for Mailing Cards:
5024 Van Lanen Rd.
New Franken WI 54229-9796

Bishop James Checchio of the Diocese of Metuchen, N.J., and rector of the Pontifical North American College from 2005 to 2016 ordained Gregory Parent to the diaconate Sept. 28, 2017, in St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. He and Deacons Kyle Sladek and José López Vargas are scheduled to be ordained to the priesthood on June 30, 2018, in St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Green Bay.

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What do you want on your pizza?

I am a big fan of the supreme pizza. Preferably thin crust, but thick is okay too.

Tell us about a great experience that you had during the summer of 2017.

I had the opportunity to play the most epic game of capture the flag I have ever been part of. There were five teams of four players, and each team had an item hidden at each of the other bases. We all had flags strapped to our hips as well. We had to collect all of our items from the other bases and get them back to our own base without getting our flags stolen. It started raining as the first game started, so a slippery field made it even more challenging.

How would you describe the priesthood to a non-believer?

As the Church of Christ we are all journeying toward Heaven together. The priest is someone the Lord has chosen to serve the rest of the Christian community in order to help them along the way. Through ordination, the Lord gives the priest a part of Himself in order to make the priest an effective instrument of God’s grace. It is the job of the priest to bring God to the Christian people. The primary way he does this is through celebrating the sacraments. He brings the indwelling of God in Baptism, the mercy of God in confession, the healing of God in Anointing of the Sick, and the body, blood, soul, and divinity of God in the Eucharist. When you encounter a priest, you encounter Christ Himself. This has nothing to do with the individual person -- his gifts or merits -- it is simply because God has chosen to give the priest as a gift to His people.

Divine Providence is God's active protection and guidance in our lives. How have you seen Providence in your life?

Throughout my time in seminary God's Providence has been at work. He placed many people in my life who inspired me to initially start thinking about seminary, helped give me the courage to apply, and since entering countless people have helped me along the way. In a particular way, though, God has shown His Providence through the challenges I have encountered. The challenges I have come up against in seminary have highlighted wounds and weaknesses in me that the Lord desired to heal and strengthen. One example is when I got sent to Rome for major seminary. I was very excited, but I was also nervous about being so far from home. It has been an amazing opportunity, but there have been times when I have been homesick. God's Providence has shown through in these moments because He used them to teach me how to rely on Him, and how to make my relationship with Him the most important part of my life. I am really grateful for the way God took me somewhere that I never expected to go, and used the experience to teach me something I did not even know I had to learn.

Share an interesting fact about your middle school years.

I played football for the St. Philip Falcons in Green Bay and we were undefeated when I was in 8th grade.

What parish and diocesan movements have inspired you as a disciple?

Before I entered seminary I participated in Catholic Youth Expeditions and was an altar server at my parish. I also went to St. John Bosco Youth Day at Holy Hill. Since entering seminary I have helped with Steubenville conferences and Catholic Hearth Work Camps, both of which have been powerful. Throughout everything, the adoration chapel at my home parish of SS. Peter and Paul in Green Bay has been a great source of grace.

Who are your teams?

Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Badgers, and Team USA.

What is your favorite day on the Liturgical Calendar?

August 15th, the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?

St. Thérèse of Lisieux.