Rev. Mr. Kyle Sladek

Kyle SladekParish: St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Parish, Green Bay

Birthday: December 2

Seminary: Mundelein Seminary

Seminary Address:
1000 East Maple Avenue
Mundelein, IL 60060-1967

Theology III


Patron: St. Herman Joseph

Bishop David Ricken ordained Rev. Mr. Kyle Sladek to the diaconate May 21, 2017, in St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Green Bay.

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Proclaim the Good News:
"God became man so that man might become God" (St. Athanasius). Jesus Christ died and rose for you. He loves you and wants to be in relationship with you.

Tell us about a great experience that you had during the summer of 2016.
During my time in Kansas City in Clinical Pastoral Education, I got to know a group of religious -- mostly sisters with a few brothers -- called the Community of the Lamb. They eventually figured out I was a seminarian and invited me to join them for brunch a couple times. Their monastery was a great place to pray -- refreshing, simple, and decorated with icons. Their liturgy was unique: Roman, but accommodating the community's traditions like Taize-style chant and a long silence after Communion. They preferred to go by "Little Sister" or "Little Brother." I was thankful for their presence.

When did your commitment to the Catholic Faith grow deeper?
I had a friend in high school named Eric. He and I were interested in the same things, played the same sports, and developed a natural friendship. While we were involved with similar activities and people, Eric had a peace and joy about him that I knew I did not have and badly wanted. Eric would go to daily Mass in the chapel before school and was a man of faith and prayer. Thanks to his invitations to join him, I eventually realized his peace and joy was from his relationship with Christ. I started to pray more, go to daily Mass and Eucharistic Adoration, and learn more about the Faith.

I also went on some retreats with Eric and our group of friends. I went on a Steubenville retreat, and it was during this that I was given the grace to believe more deeply in Jesus' Real Presence in the Eucharist. Once I started to believe that He was really there, I had the first inclinations toward a vocation to the priesthood. I joined the youth group at my high school and continued to look for ways to deepen my faith. Looking back, I can see how the Lord was leading me, and I am very grateful for how He has blessed me.

Offer us a few words about one Gift of the Holy Spirit and how it has helped you.
Wisdom is a knowing that is "tasted," said St. Thomas Aquinas. Wisdom is the coexistence of knowledge and experience. It is both theoretical and practical. It helps us understand divine things and then understand everything else in light of these divine things. The wise person brings about peace in himself and others by helping order things rightly. Wisdom has helped me know God better, to figure out His desires and plans for me and how to move into them. It has also helped me put things into perspective for friends who are seeking a "bigger picture." In tandem with other gifts of the Spirit, wisdom has helped me to know how to act and what to say in difficult situations.

Share an interesting fact about your high school years.
I made my own coffin for my high school's man-pageant/talent show, Mr. NDA. My dad helped me make it, and I was carried on stage in it, only to pop out in a chocolate-brown tuxedo. I still have the coffin and just found a good crucifix for the top. It would be cool to be buried in it.

Other than prayer, what is your fuel?
Sometimes my next-door neighbor comes over to drink Sweet Dreams, a non-caffeinated chamomile tea provided gratis by the seminary. We listen to "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics as we sip.

As a priest, God willing, where would you most like to celebrate the Holy Mass?
I would like to celebrate Mass at my high school, Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay. I have fond memories of praying in the chapel and attending Mass in the morning.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?
St. Herman Joseph was a Norbertine priest who lived in the 12th and 13th centuries. He was devoted to Mary and given to deep prayer. At one point he experienced being mystically married to Mary. I desire his relationship with Mary and his prayers that I become a good deacon.