Michael Uchytil

Michael UchytilParish: Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, Hortonville

Birthday: May 10

Seminary: St. Francis de Sales Seminary

Seminary Address:
3257 South Lake Dr
St. Francis WI 53235-3702

Pre-Theology II


Patron: St. Francis de Sales


What do you want on your pizza?

Cheese, bacon, and pepperoni with Mozzarella Cheese stuffed crusts!

Tell us about a great experience that you had during the summer of 2017.

This last summer has been the best summer of my life. I was blessed to participate in the Institute for Priestly Formation (IPF) program, a nine-week spirituality course in Omaha NE. As part of the program, we entered into an eight-day silent retreat and found much consolation from encountering the Lord in radically new ways. Through this retreat, the Lord accompanied me into my past and healed many of the wounds, lies, and regrets we found there. Furthermore, through His Abundant Love, I received a deeper sense that I was indeed His beloved son.

How would you describe the priesthood to a non-believer?

The priesthood refers to the individuals whom God has called to participate in His plan of salvation in a special way. As Catholics, we believe that God exists, created us, and desires to have a relationship with us as His adopted sons and daughters. Though it is a mystery, God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to mediate this relationship as the God-Man. Before returning to Heaven, Jesus gave His apostles the ability to participate in this mediation and to provide the normal means of ministering His graces to the faithful. First and foremost, the priest ministers to the People of God through the total consecration of himself to God. By undertaking celibacy, the priest forgoes an earthly marriage and gives himself entirely to God -- entering into the mystical heavenly marriage while here on Earth. Rooted in this spiritual nuptial union, the priest in turn ministers to the people of God through the celebration of the Sacraments: mystical acts that impart God's life-giving grace to those who receive them. This is why priests are called "father."

Divine Providence is God's active protection and guidance in our lives. How have you seen Providence in your life?

Perhaps the most evident moment which I experienced God's providential care for me was during an automobile accident several winters ago. Driving home during rush hour, tail lights suddenly began lighting up ahead of me. I slammed on my brakes, but they locked up and my car began to fishtail. Within a split second, my car swerved into the right lane and slammed into the right-side cement barrier at an angle. The momentum of the impact carried me back out into traffic, spinning the car. Finally, my car came to a rest with my fender perpendicularly touching the barrier.

Amazingly, I came away from the incident with only a minor neck strain. Despite the congested freeway, my vehicle neither struck nor was struck by neighboring vehicles. Additionally, after becoming reoriented from the crash, I noticed that the vehicle stopping traffic for me in the rightmost lane was actually an orange dump truck. Fortunately, the driver had enough awareness and time to slow down; I hate to think what would have happened if I had been struck by it. Furthermore, several good Samaritans stopped to ensure that I was relatively healthy and helped me move my car to safety. Lastly, my parents and my insurance provider were available and very generous with their time to help with my recovery. Although my car was totaled, I believe that, thanks to God's Divine Providence, I was not.

Share an interesting fact about your middle school years.

I help our First Lego League (FLL) robotics team win our first-ever state-level awards by designing and building an autonomous robot to complete missions on an 8'x4' table. We won the Build award, 1st Performance award, and were nominated as Tournament Champions.

What parish and diocesan movements have inspired you as a disciple?

Spiritus has been particularly influential in growing my relationship with Christ throughout much of high school. This included bi-weekly "Ignite" Bible studies. Additionally, listening to Catholic Lighthouse Media CD's and Catholic Answers podcast were invaluable during my collegiate and working years. I also found much consolation through silent Eucharistic Adoration.

Who are your teams?

I enjoy cheering on the Green Bay Packers. However, I am passionate about my alma mater's VEX and VEX IQ robotics team: 5509 Valley Homeschoolers, Inc. (VHS).

What is your favorite day on the Liturgical Calendar?

Easter Vigil.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?

St. Francis de Sales.