Stewardship Resource Packets

Stewardship is a multi-faceted concept that includes Prayer, Service, and Sharing. Countless Catholic parishes across the U.S. have experienced a revitalization and renewal when the faith community understood and put them into action.

Parishes grounded in Stewardship report increases in:

  • members’ faith-filled personal and household prayer
  • Mass attendance and participation
  • parish service organizations and events supported by more and more volunteers
  • financial giving that allows the parish to meet its own budget and to share with others.


Resource Packets

Lent 2011

Lent_2011Lenten Prayer Resource Packet pdf_button Numerous ways and opportunities parish leaders can use to encourage their faith community to take advantage of to be good stewards of their relationship with God

Stewards in Scripture: A Skit for Lent pdf button Forty-minute skit/event that introduces participants and audience to eyewitnesses of the ministry of Jesus from a stewardship perspective

Advent 2010

Stewards in Scripture pdf_button (A joyful parish skit to celebrate the stewards of Scripture and Advent)

Lent 2010

Lenten Prayer Resource Packet 2010: Our Basket in Front of the Altar pdf_button

Creation 2009

Stewardship of Creation Resource Packet 2009 -- Blessed are you, Lord, God of All Creation! (Cooperative effort of the Departments of Facilities & Properties and Stewardship & Pastoral Services)

Stewardship of Creation Resource Packet pdf_button (full 18-page packet)


Lent 2009

Lenten Prayer Resource Packet: Into the Desert pdf_button (full 20-page packet)

Lent 2008

Lenten Prayer Resource 2008 pdf_button

Lent 2006

Lenten Prayer Packet 2006 pdf_button


Fall Sharing Packet 2005 pdf_button

Lenten Prayer Packet 2005 pdf_button


Stewardship Service Packet pdf_button

Lenten Prayer Packet 2004 pdf_button