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  • Eucharistic Holy Hour Guide for Parishes

    Eucharistic Holy Hour Guide for Parishes


    Download the latest Eucharistic Holy Hour Guide for Parishes.

  • 2019 Bishop's Appeal

    2019 Bishop's Appeal

    As we launch the 2019 Bishop's Appeal we celebrate the ministries the Appeal supports and the thousands of people the Appeal impacts.

  • Catholic Evangelization Studies

    Catholic Evangelization Studies

    The four-part Catholic Evangelization Studies Course (CES) provides spiritual, theological and pastoral formation in the missionary discipleship. 

  • Summer 2019 Mass Schedules

    Summer 2019 Mass Schedules

    View the list of summer Mass times for the Diocese of Green Bay.

  • Shipping Container Project 2019

    Shipping Container Project 2019

    Organized by Catholic Foundation World Missions, this project supports the people of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

  • Seeing the Face of Jesus in All | Catholic Charities Gala

    Seeing the Face of Jesus in All | Catholic Charities Gala

    Join Bishop Ricken for this 6th annual event supporting Catholic Charities. 

The Library for the Diocese of Green Bay houses books on Scripture, theology, history, and other subjects. Several books in the Library were donated by bishops, priests and other benefactors.

Variety of Books in Library

Our collection includes books on:

  • Sacred Scripture
  • dogmatic, moral and pastoral theology
  • universal church and diocesan church history
  • secular history (including Wisconsin)
  • hagiography
  • papal documents
  • liturgy
  • ecumenism and related fields of study.

Complete Sets of Research Books

The collection also includes church-related periodicals. Most books are in English, but several are in Latin and a few are in French and German.

Specifically, the Library has complete sets of:

  • The New Catholic Catholic Encyclopedia (1967)
  • The Oxford English Dictionary (1961)
  • The Catholic Tradition: 2000 Years of Great Writings (1979)
  • Sacramentum Mundi: An Encyclopedia of Theology (1968)
  • Sacramentum Verbi: An Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology (1970)
  • Dictionary of American History (1940)
  • The History of the United States of America (1849)
  • Manual of Universal Church History (1st-19th centuries)
  • Documents of American Catholic History 1493-1986 (1987)
  • The Interpreter's Bible (1952-1957)
  • The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (1962)
  • A Harmonized Exposition of the Four Gospels (1908)
  • The Life of Jesus Christ (1903)
  • The Anti-Nicene Fathers with Bibliography and Index (1885-1926)

Wide Variety of Materials

The Library also has:

  • many of the volumes of The Fathers of the Church
  • a variety of Bibles dating from 1875, including the complete Le Sainte Bible with the Latin text and French exegetical and theological commentary
  • ancient Biblical commentaries with other related scriptural commentaries and concordances
  • older classic Latin and English manuals of dogmatic and moral theology
  • assorted books on religious orders of men and women, including the Norbertines and Franciscans
  • lives of saints
  • biographies of famous bishops
  • select books on past popes with emphasis on the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965)
  • works dealing with diocesan synods and related books concerning the ministry of bishops.
  • Latin and English books and periodicals on Canon Law
  • official Church periodicals, such as Acta Apostolicae Sedis, and related periodicals from the beginning of the 20th century to the present.

Contact Us

Chancery Building
1825 Riverside Drive
Green Bay, WI 54305-3825
Phone: (920) 272-8186, 272-8187, or 272-8195
Fax: (920) 435-1330

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