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The tool that typically appears at the top of the page here was created for parishes to request a date for confirmation, for their own parish or in collaboration with other parishes. The tool is self-guiding in its instructions. There are more details below.

Registration Process Overview

Thank you for coming to this page to register your parish or parishes for hosting Confirmation. We hope that you find this digital reservation system easy to use.

If you are joined with another parish, you should reach out to those parishes to discuss the possible dates they would like to try to schedule, and determine which parish will be the host parish. The dates are available on a first come- first served basis.

When scheduling within this system, as on the past paper form, there is information required before you are able to submit your date request. This includes:

  • Host parish and address
  • All names of participating parishes
  • Contact information for main contact person, combining parishes DRE, parish priest, and liturgical contact person
  • Preferred start time for Mass
  • Number of anticipated confirmandi

The scheduling system will request that you reserve a four hour block of time. Once you have selected a date and block of time, along with completed the requested information, you will submit your request. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement that the request was submitted. This is not a confirmation that your Confirmation Mass is scheduled, only that your request was received and the date is currently held for your parish. 

When requests are received they will be reviewed by the Bishop’s Office to confirm that this date and time will work well for Bishop Ricken’s calendar. There will be a need to review in order to confirm there are no conflicts such as adequate travel time with his calendar.  You will receive a second email from Bishop Ricken’s Office confirming your Confirmation Mass date and time. If there is a conflict and the date you requested will not work, the Bishop’s Office will reach out to your parish directly to discuss the conflict and help to find another date for your Confirmation Mass.

Once the date is confirmed on Bishop Ricken’s calendar you will receive an email confirming that the Mass has been scheduled. Our office will not, as in years past, send a letter. The confirmation you receive will be via email only. 

There has been interest in many parishes of celebrating your Confirmation Mass at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. If you wish to join with other parishes and celebrate your Confirmation Mass at the Cathedral you are more than welcome to. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we continually seek to improve and streamline our registration process.