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Parish & Family Life Mission Team

The focus of this team is to provide a strong culture of Catholic discipleship and academic excellence in the schools, as well as discipleship and catechesis in religious education, youth ministry, young adult ministry and campus ministry. This team will assist and empower parents in building homes of discipleship and active engagement in their parish and school, ministries and communities.

Gerard Hall Thumbnail PortraitGerard Hall  |  920-272-8311
Parish & Family Life Mission Team Leader


The Parish and Family Life Mission Team operates under the corporation title - Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, Inc.

A more detailed list of contacts is available by clicking the underlined name of any office or mission team.

The Office to Apostolates, Spiritual Renewal and Ecumenical Outreach assists the Parish and Family Life Mission Team, the Evangelization & Discipleship Mission Team, the Associate Director of the Curia and the Chancellor of the Diocese in outreach to apostolates, and in ecumenical dialog with other churches and ecclesial bodies; and promotes and fosters spiritual renewal, healing ministry and increased devotion to the Holy Spirit in our parishes, apostolates, and diocesan entities.


We provide support and accompaniment to apostolates and recognized Catholic organizations, helping connect them with each other and with diocesan offices; and assisting them with becoming compliant with all diocesan requirements. We also promote spiritual renewal throughout the diocese by highlighting the work of various apostolates and through fruitful collaboration with them.

Spiritual Renewal

Two key elements of spiritual renewal are (1) a vibrant devotion and openness to the Person, Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit and His gifts, and (2) the ministry of healing.

Through the Entrust Retreats and other events, we promote devotion to the Holy Spirit and provide opportunities to receive His power and to be released in His gifts and charisms for the work of ministry. We especially focus on those who work with young people to prepare them for Confirmation so that our youth can better encounter the Risen Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and be more greatly disposed to the grace of the Sacrament and the gifts, charisms, and fruit of the Holy Spirit. Our office works with parishes, apostolates, and recognized Catholic organizations to pursue revival in all 16 counties of our diocese.

Ecumenical Outreach

Our office engages with other churches and ecclesial bodies with the desire to grow in dialogue, mutual understanding and to seek out appropriate ways in which we can collaborate to bring about greater Christian unity and a greater witness to Our Lord to the world around us.


We serve Bishop Ricken and the Diocese by providing liturgical formation and policy as well as coordinate Diocesan and Episcopal liturgies. This office also works to provide liturgical and catechumenal (RCIA) resources and overall support for the liturgical and sacramental life of the parishes and agencies of the Diocese.

The Office of Marriage, Family Life and Pro-Life is in the business of promoting, strengthening and supporting marriage at all sages, not just engagement. Our office offers programming on a variety of topics for married couples and offers support to parishes in delivering the same. 

Provides parish staff and leadership with communication and relationship building tools so as to spread the Good News of the Gospel. These tools are in two primary forms: mission/pastoral planning tools and software/process tools including -

· Mission Alignment workshops for parish leadership (trustees & councils) and staff including specific application of Entrust methodologies.

· The development of goals and action steps in evangelization, discipleship and community impact

· In partnership with the Office of Catholic Schools we provide parish-school collaborative leadership support

· Pastoral planning based on parish vitality and resources

· Church Management Software support for mission (GabrielSoft) including Standard Operating Procedures and linking the system to the bigger picture in Leading All God’s People to His Kingdom

· MissionInsite demographic analysis and parish statistics

Barry Metzentine, Parish Operations and Mission Planning Director, (920) 272-8297 or CLICK HERE to send a direct message.

As part of the Families and Schools of Discipleship Mission Team, the Office of Child and Youth Faith Formation supports, trains and partners with catechetical leaders and youth ministers in our parishes to form young missionary disciples who will dynamically and faithfully live and share our Catholic Faith all the days of their lives. We do this through programs, initiatives and events that equip, resource and train catechetical leaders, youth ministers, teachers, catechists and volunteer youth workers. In addition to these, we plan, organize and create programs, pilgrimages, retreats and experiences that evangelize, disciple, equip and catechize children and youth – forming and empowering them to become Missionary Disciples.

We offer resources and guidelines for Foundational Catechetical Certification, Confirmation, approved religion textbooks, curriculum, youth ministry, best practices, RE & YM newsletter and information on upcoming events – trainings, discipleship formation workshops, in-services, retreats, conferences and special events. pdf View the 2019-2020 calendar. (393 KB)